About Us

How We're Helping


The mission of the charity is to provide pre-incident education and post crisis support related to fire and emergency services.

The Oceanside Firefighters Charity Fund is largely composed of and supported through the participation of active Oceanside Firefighters.  These proud and dedicated first responders embrace the organization as a unique opportunity to expand their scope of impact in the community and help the community they serve beyond the bell.

The Oceanside Firefighters Charity Fund is a registered 501c3.



The charity's educational goals are to improve life saving skills of citizens in the community, and to provide exposure to the community about what firefighters do, and how to become a firefighters.  The organization also has a higher education arm to provide assistance in the form of scholarships to aspiring firefighters from the community who are enrolled in college level fire academies or courses of study.



The charity aims to provide resources, planning and assistance to ease the financial burden and smooth the crisis process for victims of crisis in the community.  The charity is also dedicated to "help those that help others" and is designed to provide assistance to the immediate families of fallen first responders.